Dog Boarding

At Bekkers Pet Care we keep all our canine guests happy and comfortable by providing them with all the conveniences of our new modern facility.

All dogs that stay with us receive the following (please see our Rates page for specific packages):

  • Spacious, temperature controlled suites with heated ceramic flooring
  • Access to 12′ individual outdoor run
  • Access to common outdoor play area and/or walks and/or one on one time twice daily
  • A safe, healthy and impeccably clean environment
  • And of course: Lots of petting and individual care!

While your dog may miss you, we make sure all our canine companions receive regular attention throughout the day.

At your request we also offer the following:

  • Administration of medicines, pills and needles: Due to the wide assortment of medications & applications, our rates vary. Please inquire for specifics.
  • Brushing (please inquire)
  • Bathing and nail clipping (please enquire)


We provide bedding for your dog.  If you provide your own bedding, please make sure it is easily washable. No expensive or sentimental toys or bedding.

Please be sure to read our Check-In Requirements.